Colorado Bowhunters Association
Big Game Awards


The pursuit of all Colorado species continues to gain in popularity as bowhunters from across the state strive to complete the Colorado Big 8, Big 9 and even the Big 10.

The CBA Big 8 was created to recognize Colorado bowhunters who have taken 8 of the 10 Colorado big game animals (either sex) with a legal handheld bow and arrow. There is no specific order the animals must be taken and fair chase is implied. If multiple animals of the same species have been taken, simply list the first one. 

CBA Big Game Awards 

  • First Success Award (First Timer Award)
  • Individual Species Awards
  • Colorado Big 8
  • Colorado Big 9
  • Colorado Big 10

To be eligible for a CBA Big Game Award you must be a current member of the CBA. Qualifying entries must have been achieved with a legal hand held bow and arrow. All animals must be taken in compliance with the regulations and laws of the State of Colorado.

First Success Award
Individual Species Awards
Colorado Big 8, Big 9, & Big 10